In more noise news: can everyone just STFU already? A new survey shows that "some two-thirds of the nearly 2,000 British office workers surveyed said that workplace irritations boosted their stress levels, causing 1 in 10 to walk out the door." And humans are just as likely to annoy as machines. The NY Post brought the survey to this city's streets yesterday, asking New Yorkers what annoys them the most at the office—and beware: if you are loud, or saying anything at all, you are probably getting passive-aggressively Twittered about. One woman told the paper, "Another thing that bothers me while I'm at work is how loud people are," and another, "People making loud personal calls is the worst." Other complaints: using phrases like "think outside the box," and "let's touch base." Let us know what annoys you most at the office... by end of day, please.