Yesterday was a lovely afternoon for a wedding proposal, and what better place than on a rowboat drifting merrily on the sun-swept East River? Some 19 people were paddling around in a dragon boat (a traditional Chinese rowboat used for racing) near the Whitestone Bridge around 1:30 p.m. when one man took the opportunity to propose to his girlfriend. She said yes! Then the boat capsized, tossing everyone overboard.

Officials say the boat was capsized by a succession of wakes from larger vessels passing nearby, not from the emotional turbulence that inevitably batters every couple who commits to spending their entire lives together in this fucked up world, so there's no need to see this as a metaphor for their impending nuptials or the institution of marriage in general. But even if it is A Sign, everybody on board survived, so the takeaway is obviously that when you prepare for life's vicissitudes and wear a life preserver everything will be just fine! Though of course we all drown eventually, alone and waterlogged. Better to stay on land, where you and your wife can take turns quietly playing with a remote-controlled boat on the shores of a shallow pond.

(Roy Renna / BMR Breaking News)

An FDNY spokesman says fire officials responded to a distress call within five minutes of the boat capsizing, but by the time rescue boats arrived, the dragon boat was completely submerged. "It was shocking to see that many heads bobbing in the water," Lt. Robert Greer told the Times.

"Everyone kept their cool," rower Louis Idarraga told ABC 7. "I think that's what really kept us together. Everyone keeping their cool and nobody panicked. It was a little rough. It wasn't that cold, but it was cold enough that we were in there long enough that it was starting to get cold."

All the rowers were rescued and no serious injuries were reported. Most importantly, the engagement ring did not go down with the ship.

(Roy Renna / BMR Breaking News)