2008_11_undies2.jpgMore details were revealed today about Rodulfo Jones, the man who stood on a ledge for 13 hours after allegedly stabbing his girlfriend. Jones, an off-duty NYPD traffic agent, was saying that he was "a demon" and wept as police tried to talk him down. By the time he was finally ready to leave the ledge, he talked about how out of character this was and continually asked about his girlfriend's condition. The only thing covering him, his boxer shorts, were stained with the blood of girlfriend Carmen Valez, who remains in critical condition. A police source tells the NY Post that the cops involved were making sure "to have to come in on his own" after the September incident with Iman Morales. "He was definitely thinking about jumping, but we talked that out of him," one of the officers on the scene told the paper.