Have you dreamed of buying 3-liter bottles of olive oil from Costco, but you can't because you're not a member and don't have a car? Well, City Room found a service run by Michael Eberstadt, who owns the Rack and Soul bbq restaruant, called BigBoxDeliveries which will bring bulk items to folks on the Upper East and Upper West Sides: "The customer and Mr. Eberstadt split the savings from shopping at a Costco. To make it worth his time, his share has to be a minimum of $40." He explains he doesn't have much overhead since he has a truck and points out, "There are certain things you need in bulk. That is what I am hoping to provide: cases of Gatorade, Tide." But he admits his wife, a white-collar defense attorney, "thought it was the stupidest thing she ever heard of."