A man whose Ivanka Trump fan blog proclaims, "I am a celebrity stalker who is obsessed with Ivanka Trump," was arrested in Reno, Nevada on a NYC warrant earlier this week. However, the 27-year-old's mother said, "He is sick and has a history of mental illness. He never harmed anyone and hasn't done anything other than write articles on the internet."

Justin Massler, who changed his name to Cloud Stormchaser, had been visiting his mother in Reno; the Reno Gazette-Journal reported, "Reno police said NYC police were en route to Reno Wednesday to take custody of Massler, who is accused of using the Internet to stalk Trump."

While her son desperately hoped to be saved by Trump, at least based on his most recent blog entry, in which he told of sleeping on church steps apparently across the street from Trump's office, Randee Massler said, "He hasn't come anywhere close to Ivanka Trump. He's like a 10-year-old who has a crush on a movie star."

Daily Intel ventures, "We're sure there's more to this story that was unsettling to Ivanka's people. Maybe the fact that he stalked Tucker Max first, for example." Also, it seems less gross than Bret Michaels fantasizing about her.