The Heartland Brewery bartender who was arrested and accused of being one of the suspects terrorizing and sexually assaulting Brooklyn woman—only for a witness to recant identifying him in a lineuptells the Post, "This was torture... I don’t know how to deal with the situation, I’m just trying to clear my name. I’m 100 percent innocent."

Joshua Flecha, 32, was arrested earlier this week when cops discovering him walking around Windsor Terrace. Police initially thought he was trying to break into a car, but then they found him with his pants unzipped and watching a pornographic film on his cellphone. Plus, he resembled one of the sex assault suspects—he had marijuana on him. Flecha was then put in a lineup, and one of six women who had been assaulted at the Seventh Avenue subway station in Park Slope positively ID'd him as her attacker. However, the other victims didn't ID him, and then the initial victim told cops, "I’m not sure any more, don’t call me again.” Flecha still faces the marijuana-related charge—as well as knowing that his ex-mother-in-law telling the world that he's a porn addict.

This is pretty embarrassing for the police, who have been criticized by the community for not taking the reported assaults seriously and for basically telling women that they are asking for it by wearing skirts and shorts. A source tells the Post, "It’s gone from bad to worse. That’s going to put a lot of pressure on the Police Department. Now the next person they arrest, the credibility of the victim will be under a microscope." Oh, great.