2006_10_breezyspoint.jpgA 21 year old New School student who loved fishing is feared to have drowned during a father-son fishing trip on Breezy Point in the Rockaways. Strong waves apparentedly swept 21 year old Karl Heinzen of Brooklyn off a jetty and into the water yesterday morning. His father tried to save him, but Jerome Heinzen was pushed by the waves as well and needed to be rescued by NYPD divers responding to the call. The crew of a charter boat, the Dorothy B., also tried to rescue Karl, but Jerome Heinzen said, "They almost saved him; they were so close. I can see him reaching for a buoy, but by that time he was probably too tired."

The Coast Guard said, "A lot of people go out and fish on the jetty. The tide was coming in, and the rocks were probably slippery." And the papers noted that Karl Heinzen first learned to fish in Prospect PArk.