A mother and her two kids have been rushed to the hospital after cops broke up a standoff in Midland Beach. Police responded to a call around 8:30 p.m. last night from 110 Hempstead Avenue, and found Victoria Olnik and her 18-month-old son sitting outside with slash wounds to their necks. Olink said her live-in boyfriend, Douglas Nemeth, attacked them and was inside with their three-year-old daughter.

Police attempted to make contact with Nemeth, but after hearing no response, broke in and found him with apparent self-inflicted slash wound to his neck. The three year old was found in the bedroom, and also had a slashed neck. All four were rushed to Staten Island University Hospital, where Nemeth was pronounced dead and the others are in critical condition. One neighbor was in shock, saying, “Everybody was very nice. It's a shock for me. This neighborhood, forget about it. I live here since ‘94 and this happened first time."

Nemeth was reportedly an out-of-work chiropractor, and was heard yelling, "I'm not doing this anymore! I'm tired of doing this all the time!" by one passerby before the stabbings. Police said they knew of no history of domestic violence at the home.