2006_10_dumbbell.jpgA Bronx mother and son and a man filling in for the superintendent were bludgeoned to death by the woman's ex-boyfriend. Fifty six year old Gloria Valdez and her 36 year old son Carl were found in their basement apartment at 1029 Hall Place, with Polonia Peralta, who was subbing for the super while he was on vacation, in the hall. Police believe 38 year old Rafin Vellon attacked Valdez first, then her mentally handicapped son. Then Peralta may have interrupted the attack when Vellon beat him as well. Peralta died at St. Barnabas Hospital. A barbell and pipe were found at the scene.

A neighbor said that Valdez had kicked Vellon out of the apartment because he physically and verbally abused her. Neighbors also told the Daily News, "Valdez's son had tried to protect her, but he was emotionally disturbed and would wander the neighborhood in his pajamas carrying a samurai sword." (A neighbor said Carl Valdez was lonely and gentle.) The NY Times reports that Vellon had been arrested of "using a five-pound free weight to bash in windows" at a nearby car service earlier this month. He also slashed the tires and broke the windsheilds of seven cars. According to one of Mega-Radio car service's employees, Vellon was mad because the car service had "supplied the cab service for his girlfriend to leave."

Vellon was arrested at his parents' house and then charged with three counts of murder and criminal possession of a weapon. Peralta's daughter was distraught, "He was always trying to help people. Why couldn't he ever say, 'No'? "