An unidentified man was killed while urinating between subway cars this month.

According to police, the 63-year-old victim had boarded an uptown 6 train just before 7 a.m. on March 8th. At some point during the ride, he went between cars to pee; when the train turned, the man hit his head on the door handles, fell between cars, and was killed. His body was found at the Pelham Bay Park stop in The Bronx, the last on the line.

The Post reports that his body wasn't discovered until over an hour after he died when "his friend, who was watching his bags, told the MTA he was lying between two cars." The man's identity has not been released yet.

Earlier this week, a woman died after falling between subway cars on the 1 train. Walking between subway cars is prohibited by the MTA and those who are caught will be given $75 fines.

In 2011, a man died when he fell into the gap between two subway cars; in 2013 a G train and an M train rider were both injured after tumbling between two train cars; and in 2014, an R train rider was killed trying to switch between cars.