Police are investigating the fatal stabbing of a man on the 85th Street-Forest Parkway subway J train platform. It's believed that Dario Paiva, 27, was stabbed after an argument around 11:30 p.m., while his family says he was trying to rescue his brother who was being attacked.

The Daily News reports that Paiva's 20-year-old brother Khristian "was being pummeled by a group of men," he tried to intervene: "But one of the men raked a knife across Dario Paiva's neck - and the devoted brother died at Jamaica Hospital a short time later." Paiva's brother David Poggi said, "You don't even know how much sadness and rage I have right now. They were trying to rob Khristian, and he called Dario for help. Dario ran down to help him."

Although police got to the station quickly, no arrests were made. Poggi also said that Paiva was taking classes at Kingsborough Community College, "I can't believe I'm never going to hear him laugh again...[He] was a wonderful kid."