2007_05_cobmurd.jpgYesterday afternoon, Steven Van Utrecht was shot to death on his Butler Street townhouse's front steps - and the suspect is his brother. The Daily News reports that William Van Utrecht allegedly said, "Call the police! I just shot my brother!" after the incident, but the 53-year-old then fled.

His 46-year-old brother's body was left on the steps of 109 Butler Street for hours as police investigated, and neighbors were shocked by the grisly scene. The News reports that neighbors say the brothers were arguing outside the townhouse, with Steven smashing his brother's bike. Steven, an ex-Marine and ex-con (attempted manslaughter), would have celebrated his 47th birthday tomorrow. Police want to question William Van Utrecht, who may have gone with a third brother, Johnny.

The changing face of Cobble Hill is noted in the News' article: A longtime resident said, "Ever since they fixed up Smith St., it's been a bunch of new faces. It's very quiet now, and very peaceful." The Van Utrecht house is owned by the brothers' mother Amelia and the family has lived there for many years. And the Post called yesterday a "murderous day," with five people killed and eight wounded in a short time period.