The murder of a Jamaican teen visiting his sister in the Bronx unfolds differently in the city's papers. The NY Times reported that Noel Earl was killed by a group of men who called out his nickname in a housing complex at 245 East 149th Street. The gang shot him, and it seemed that the killers knew Earl, though he didn't seem to know them. The NY Post and Daily News, though, have the possible (and horribly stupid) motives - though different ones. The Post says Earl had argued with some people last week "because he was taking too long to give his order." But the Daily News says that Earl argued with some members of the "Young Gunners" gang when they cut in front of him at McDonald's. The police found a gun in Earl's pocket, and even though neighbors chased the gang after the shooting, the police have not made arrests.

The Times does point out that in this part of the Bronx, NYPD stats show 10 murders up for 2006 through August 13, versus 4 during the same period last year.