Here's a tip for you as you begin your week: If you're going to be somewhere illegal, expect that legal things won't be happening there. A good example of this happened in Brooklyn on Saturday night. When most of us were searching every bodega within a 10 block radius for D batteries in preparation for Hurricane Irene's arrival, two men were shot in Brooklyn, one fatally. According to The Daily News, the shooting occurred in an illegal "social club," which we imagine probably isn't that social anymore.

Cops say that about 8:45 pm on Saturday, Chayse Washington was shot in the chest during a drug-related argument. He was taken to Kings County Hospital, but he died shortly after his arrival. Authorities later figured out that another man — whose identity wasn't revealed — was being treated for a gun shot wound in the leg, and that he had been at the club as well.

As of now there have been no arrests for the incident, which has other members of the club concerned. A woman told The Daily News that the club is usually just a place were local men hang out and play dominoes and "conduct business."