This evening we found the following anonymous comment on Gothamist Contribute: "a day late but... a man was killed at approximately 2pm on Sunday (3/26) when a manhattan-bound R train struck him. i was in the second car when it happened. i guess the guy didn't fall the tracks because the body was lying on the platform when they finally opened the car door for us to exit." A link to the picture above was attached-- we've blurred the part that contains a body, and a pool of blood.

Most papers don't report on train fatalities, in the same way they don't report on bridge suicides, but this Newsday post indicates that people are killed on the trains about once every two weeks.

Editor's note: the unedited version of the photograph is after the jump-- it's a horrible thing to see, but subway deaths are a part of life here in the city, and that's what this site is about. Think carefully before you click.