2007_04_esbjump2.jpgA man killed himself by jumping from the 69th floor of the Empire State Building. The AP reports that the man jumped from a window in a law firm, and that the police responded when "a 911 caller reported seeing a leg on 33rd Street." It seems that the man's body hit a setback on the 30th floor, and the rest was found on the ledge. While 33rd Street was closed so the police could investigate, some building workers have taken photographs of the remains.

The AP says that the last suicide at the ESB was last year, when a man bought a ticket to the observation deck (86th floor), but jumped from a vacant office on the 66th floor (apparently more than 30 people have committed suicide since the ESB opened). And earlier this year, a judge found daredevil Jeb Corliss's attempt to jump off the ESB legal.

Photograph of detective photographing the leg