The Manhattan District Attorney's office has indicted a man on a two decade-old rape charge, after his DNA profile matched to a "John Doe" case stemming from 1995.

Joseph Giardala, 44, is accused of raping a 25-year-old at knifepoint shortly after midnight on January 23rd, 1995. Giardala allegedly followed the woman as she left a movie theater in the West Village, forcing her into a building's vestibule, robbing her, and raping her at knifepoint.

Evidence was collected via rape kit immediately after the assault, but was not tested until 2001, where it was entered into the FBI's Combined DNA Index System as part of a city initiative aiming to test its rape kit backlog. The D.A.'s office issued a "John Doe" indictment in 2003, but yielded no matches at the time.

In January, though, Giardala was arrested in Florida on an unrelated charge, and his DNA profile was entered into the FBI's system. Prosecutors say it matched with the 1995 "John Doe" DNA, and Giardala was extradited to New York yesterday.

D.A. Vance says the DNA match is a sign that cities should commit to testing their own rape kit backlogs. "If New York City had not taken the initiative to tackle its rape kit backlog more than a decade ago, this victim’s kit may never have been tested, and this defendant never apprehended,” he said in a statement yesterday. "We are urging any jurisdiction with untested rape kits to apply for funding by June 1, 2015."

Giardala, who has no known permanent address, has been charged with rape, robbery, sodomy, attempted rape and sexual abuse.