A legless man in a wheelchair planted explosives in the 125th Street Metro-North station yesterday, according to police. Trains were rerouted and the Harlem station was evacuated while officers tried to make sure that the "pyrotechnic" device, which consisted of M-80 fireworks and shotgun shells, didn't detonate.

The Daily News reports that wheelchair-bound 57-year-old Perry Roosevelt is accused of putting the explosives next to a waiting room bench in the station. One or two other men are believed to have wheeled Roosevelt around the station while he carried the bomb, which was made from a laptop, wires, shotgun shells, paper, and lug nuts taped to fireworks. The device was concealed inside a laptop bag, which was covered by a black Steve Madden bag.

The bomb couldn't have been triggered remotely, but "if it was lit, someone could have been hurt pretty bad," a law enforcement source told the tabloid. "It would be dangerous if ignited," said NYPD spokesman Paul Browne. "We don't know if it was a planned prank. If it was, it would have been a dangerous one." According to 1010WINS, Roosevelt was arrested after putting the bomb in front of a ticket window. He is reportedly under observation at Bellevue Hospital Center. One of the men accused of pushing Roosevelt's chair was questioned and released, while police continue searching for a third suspect.