Yesterday, we reported that a 57-year-old man had some of the skin on his face torn off after leaning into the tracks (the Post says it was to "peer down the tunnel,") and then somehow not having enough time to lean back in before the train came. We won't speculate as to how this was even possible—it would take probably a fraction of a second to pull your head back in, and if the train were already in the station he would not be leaning to check if it were coming—but it turns out the victim is Will Rokos, the Adacemy Award nominated writer of 2001's Monster's Ball.

Rokos was in critical condition at Bellevue Hospital yesterday. The impact from the subway sent him flying into the platform; the motorman reportedly slammed on his brakes, but couldn't stop before five cars had pulled into the station. He was semi-conscious by the time police arrived. Rokos is best known for writing and having a minor role in Monster's Ball, but has also acted in Galactic Gigolo, Trespassing and Shadowboxer.