In 2009, Claude Williams was awarded $1.8 million after allegedly being hit by a bus blowing a red light on E. 125th Street and Madison Avenue in 2003, but an appeals court threw out the verdict because Williams admitted that he hadn't looked to see if a bus was coming. Which prompted the court ruling to ask, "Who would step off the curb and into a bus after looking and seeing it coming?" Someone who wanted a $1.8 million payout?

Williams suffered a concussion and other injuries after the incident, and acknowledged that he hadn't checked for oncoming vehicles before stepping off the curb. The appeals court ruled, "[V]ery infrequently, juries sometimes make findings that are utterly without foundation in the law or the evidence. This is one such case, and the finding of no comparative negligence is so irrational as to require that we unconditionally direct a new trial." The ruling orders a new trial in the case, where they expect the jury will use the law and evidence to come to a fair verdict.