A Brooklyn woman is in critical condition after her husband hacked her repeatedly with a meat cleaver in their Dyker Heights apartment yesterday morning. 54-year-old Shao Ling Ye was sweeping up during breakfast when, according to her husband, Youshening Huang, "She swept over my feet and that really sparked it." Neighbors tell the Daily News they heard Huang, 53, shout, "I've put up with you for all these years!" A dazed and bleeding Shao Ling Ye was then seen stumbling out into the street, gushing blood. Candice Meng, 21, who lives in the basement, tells the Post, "There was blood all over her. I just heard her shouting, 'Help!' We came out and she was lying there with her husband standing next to her looking down at her. He was showing no remorse. He asked me if he could come down and wash his hands." Ye is in critical condition with gashes to her head, arm, chest and finger; Huang is charged with assault, menacing and criminal possession of a weapon. Joseph Tsang, whose parents rent the apartment to Huang, seemed shocked, telling the Daily News, "He's a really peaceful guy. He goes jogging around the neighborhood."