The ongoing rehabilitation work being performed on the Brooklyn Bridge may be necessary to preserve the iconic landmark for generations of drivers to come, but at what cost? Sounds of cacophonous jackhammering throughout the night have been tormenting one Brooklyn Heights man, who's been sending us regular video updates documenting his ordeal. Frankly, we're starting to get a little worried about this guy. Here's his most recent video update—be sure to watch to the end to see how he's "coping":

Last week, our tipster shared an email thread with a representative of the Brooklyn Bridge Rehabilitation project. "It's just so sadistic to be sitting here in bed at 1 a.m. again," the poor sleepless man wrote to the rep. "Emailing about this... again. I mean, imagine if you had to go to sleep at night to endless jackhammers. Jackhammers til 3am. Loud. Every night. Imagine the lack of sleep. Imagine someone telling you this is just the start. Imagine someone saying the noise level is fine by city standards. What would you do?", obviously!

Now, this morning he writes, "I've attached new footage from the other night. You'll see i now sleep in the bathroom tub to escape the drilling demons that haunt my head like barking dogs to David Berkowitz. I sit here writing as new drilling begins at 12:30PM. Another long night ahead, pondering filling the tub and drowning to escape the misery. Either that or moving back to lower Manhattan for some much needed peace and quiet. Irony."

Yeah, this isn't going to end well. Luckily, he says he's leaving town today for some much needed R&R out in the country. So if you live upstate, you might want to hold off on any noisy yard work this weekend!