0807catman.jpgThe Brooklyn Paper reports on a 7-year-old cat that was trapped in a narrow shaft in a Carroll Gardens apartment building, three floors below where it was supposed to be. It took over two weeks to get it out, but that's not was garnered the story so much attention. Turns out Rumi, the cat, was just fine, but Chris Muth, the cat-sitter, landed in a mental hospital during the ordeal! His medical records were brandished with the words: “bizarre delusion [that he] was trying to ‘save’ a cat of his friend." See, to rescue the feline he had to partially rip apart not one, but two apartments -- and during the second one (the one he didn't have permission to access) he was taken away to the psych ward of Long Island College Hospital. Luckily, NYC's Animal Care and Control finally rescued Rumi, who was trapped for a total of 15 days...as for Muth, he was held for 6! Update: Muth has lost his job, his house and his girlfriend over this!