Only in New Jersey, folks: According to the Gloucester County Times, "A Westville man who reportedly couldn’t pay his bar tab wound up being charged with using his own feces to draw on the walls and set fire to a bathroom in the police station." For real. Jason Detora, 24, told police that his girlfriend would arrive with the money. But when Nicole Leadbetter, 22, finally got to Skeeters Pub, the cops charged her with DWI and outstanding warrants. So she was taken to the police station, as was Detora so he could wait for a ride. That's where things got...messy: "Detora allegedly used a rest room, but when he came out, a patrolman noticed an odor coming from the men's room. Police found toilet paper and paper towels had been piled up and set on fire in the bathroom. Detora allegedly had defecated on the floor and used his own feces to draw on the walls." He was charged with arson and criminal mischief and is being held on $35,000 bail, Leadbetter was released after posting bail, and the bathroom was cleaned.