2005_09_manpedi.jpgHuh, we suppose we should not look askance at men getting pedicures, even though most men needs them. That's because Y-chromosome pedicure client stopped a man from committing suicide in an Upper West Side salon. Rene Fitz stormed into Angela's Nail Salon at Broadway and West 92nd Street to confront his ex-girlfriend and nail salon employee, Raquel Lopez. The Daily News says that Fitz had been stalking Lopez since breaking up two weeks ago. They argued and Fitz shot Lopez, grazing her back. Reports say customers and other workers ran from the shop, and Fitz shot himself in the head. However, the shot did not kill him and real estate agent Larry Malitzky who was getting a pedicure at the time kicked the gun away from Fitz, proving metrosexuals can be tough guys too. Fitz is in critical condition and Lopez is recovering.