In one of those amazing 'really?' stories, a 22-year-old dishwasher at the Terrace on the Park in Queens last night was rescued after he somehow got his legs trapped between an elevator car and the shaft wall. And though initial reports said his legs were crushed, it appears he didn't even break a bone!

According to the FDNY, the incident was first reported at 11:26 p.m. as the restaurant was closing up. How exactly the man got stuck is an open question—"I'd like to know how it happened. We don't know," FDNY Battalion Chief Michael Gunning told the News. It took firefighters less than an hour to get the man freed and he was then taken to New York Hospital Center in Queens, where he is in stable condition. Despite having both of his legs trapped, he somehow managed to not break a single bone. The last time we heard about something horrible like this, the victim wasn't so lucky.