Subway delays are enough to make anyone crazy, especially while we have to watch the governor pat himself on the back for giving us wi-fi while the rest of the system crumbles. Still, no one should take it out on regular Joe and Jane MTA employees, and you especially shouldn't flash a gun at a subway cleaner just because your train is late like one irate straphanger allegedly did.

Police say that at around 11:40 on Monday morning, the victim, an MTA employee, and the suspect both got off an A train at Lafayette Avenue. The suspect had already yelled at the victim, and when they both got off the train, the suspect "displayed a black object by his hip" according to police and told the victim "I should shoot you."

The News reports that the victim was a cleaner, and he told the paper that he "took off running" after the confrontation. He also told the paper he thinks the anger had to do with water on the tracks disrupting service, and that "when it goes down, people just need to hold their temper.”

Police said the suspect is about 5'9", 160 pounds and was last seen wearing a black jacket and blue jeans.