The decomposing body of a 27-year-old man was found in a Manhattan apartment yesterday after a business owner on the ground floor noticed a terrible odor and other signs of death. She told the Daily News, "I saw blood dripping from the ceiling in the bathroom and called cops."

Caridad Alvarado, who owns the Grace Salon at 39 Essex Street, initially thought the overpowering smell was from "nearby porta-potties" over the weekend. The News reports, "The smell worsened on Monday so she lit incense and called the landlord, but he only knocked on the man’s door. She was horrified when she noticed a deep red stain on the salon’s bathroom ceiling Tuesday."

"There was blood coming down from the second floor," she told the Post. "I was sure somebody was dead upstairs because that’s not normal.”

She cancelled her appointments and called 911, according to the Lo-Down, which also reports, "The victim was staying in the apartment while a longtime tenant was out of town. Alvarado said she’d seen the man off-and-on around the building during the five years she’s worked on Essex Street. A neighbor said this evening that the victim recently lost his job but was not distressed. He described the man as a happy person."

The Post, which published a grisly photograph of the blood dripping down a pipe into the salon, reports that the man was a construction worker who lost his job recently.

The medical examiner will determine a cause of death.