Don't want to risk sleeping in JFK to wait for your flight? Screw the man, pilot your own damn flight. Last Sunday evening a "wingnut pilot" flew into JFK airport, where he briefly landed in the cargo area of a Brazilian airline and took off again before he could be arrested. One pilot waiting to get off the ground reported to a controller "Looks like some guy on a parachute -- pretty stupid." Steve Abraham of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association agreed, saying "If you're a paraglider or using a home-built airplane, you're pretty stupid flying near there." Gizmodo even got some audio of the pilot (sounding uncomfortably nonchalant) who first spotted him. NYPD helicopters were dispatched but could not find the contraption's pilot, but warned pilots to be on the look out for a "kite." Motorized paragliding (or "paramotoring") is a form of paragliding where the pilot wears a motor on his or her back, and requires no license or specific training. Maybe he was just trying to chase away the Jackrabbits.