A man was fatally struck by a Q train at the Union Square station last night, according to police.

The NYPD tells us the incident occurred around 8:30 p.m., on the northbound track, and the victim was 51 years old. The Post and the Daily News (who both report that the victim was in his 30s) note that the victim jumped in front of the train; he was pronounced dead at the scene, according to police.

A tipster tells us:

When I got there, the train was stopped halfway up the platform. NYPD ran down the stairs but couldn't immediately find a conductor on board. Finally, an MTA representative arrived who could let passengers off the train. One woman from the lead car said she was certain the train hit someone, as she heard a terrible "BUMP BUMP."

The NYPD got down on the tracks with a flashlight at the front of the train. They then pointed to the back of the train and scrambled in that direction. I heard an officer say "Yeah, he's on the bottom." A few moments later, the FDNY arrived with a bright orange body board and asked people to move on to an N train which would take us to the F at 34th.

We'll update if more information becomes available.

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