A man was fatally struck by an F train at the West 4th Street - Washington Square station on Saturday afternoon, officials said.

According to a NYPD spokesperson, the man was struck by the train around 3:15 p.m. and died at the scene. Downtown and Brooklyn-bound trains have been rerouted via the E and G lines.

One of the passengers on the train tweeted that the train was held "a foot" from the station "with power cut, no ventilation" and that the MTA claimed the train was delayed due to train traffic until an angry straphanger knocked on the conductor's window and was "informed of an injury on track."

Julia B., another passenger on the train, told Gothamist that passengers were held between the 14th Street and West 4th Street stations for 90 minutes before being evacuated.

It's unclear if the man fell onto the tracks, was pushed, or wound up there of his own volition. We will update with more information when it becomes available.

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