A Connecticut man was fatally stabbed after he tried to intervene during a fight between two women in the Bronx yesterday. According to police, 28-year-old Ronis Garcia was found fatally stabbed inside an apartment building in Hunts Point just before 7:30 a.m. Saturday. Both women were arrested, and accused each other of the stabbing: "One woman said she was [Garcia’s] ex-wife. She said the other girl stabbed him and the other girl turns around and goes, 'No, b****, you stabbed him.' They were going back and forth at each other," a witness told the News.

Garcia, who lives in Norwalk, Conn., and the two women had been at an all-night party in the apartment on Bryant Avenue when the stabbing occurred. Nereline Santana, 21, has been charged with second degree murder, and Carmen Puerto-Cruz, 30, was charged with second degree assault. Both women were also charged with criminal possession of a weapon. Police could not confirm either woman's relationship with the victim.