A 31-year-old man eating a bagel outside a Brighton Beach bodega was killed by a man who walked up and suddenly stabbed him, police said. An NYPD spokesperson said a suspect is in custody, but has not been charged.

Graphic security camera footage of the incident shows the victim sitting on a crate outside the B&B Mini Market at Neptune Avenue and Brighton 4th Street around 6:15 a.m. on Thursday when he's approached by a man who stabs him in the chest.

NBC New York describes the horrifying video: "The victim sits still for a moment as if in shock, then gets up, clutching his chest. He backs away toward the intersection then starts to run into the crosswalk, the suspect walking calmly after him. The victim gets to the other side of the street, then runs across the intersection on the other side and appears to try to stop a green cab. There's some other interaction between the suspect and the victim in distant view of the camera and then the victim collapses in the crosswalk."

The victim was taken to Coney Island Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.
According to PIX 11, the victim was "was known around the neighborhood for someone who was down on his luck, but alway willing to do an odd job." The victim's father also told the news station, "He's a good person. I take him food."

The Daily News reports that the suspect accused the victim of robbing him, while a neighborhood resident told the NY Post the suspect "was a drug addict. He would take crystal meth... He was crazy in the head."