Early yesterday morning, a 19-year-old man was killed on the sidewalk outside 301 East 75th Street at Second Avenue. According to the Post, Omar Gaspar was "stabbed to death" around 4 a.m. by two men who had attended the same small gathering at an apartment.

WABC 7 and the Daily News say that Gaspar, an aspiring boxer, apparently had gotten into a dispute with the men at the party, and things moved outside, while the Post says Gaspar and his cousin were "approached from behind." The Daily News also reports that Gaspar's cousin said the fight was "drunken nonsense" and that "Gasper was knifed 10 minutes into the fight."

His cousin said when he lifted Gaspar's shirt there was "a huge hole in his chest." Gaspar, who had recently gone back to school for his GED, died at New York Hospital. His brother said, "I'm very shocked at this tragedy. He wanted to do big things in his life and he definitely wanted to succeed." The police are looking for the attackers who allegedly fled to First Avenue.