2007_02_livonia.jpgSome more details have emerged about the stabbing of 20-year-old Gerlin Collado on the platform of the New Lots subway station early Sunday morning. Collado, a deli worker and mechanic, and his brother Henry Collado were attacked, but still got on the train at New Lots. They rode the train for one stop, getting out at Livonia Avenue, and then called the police.

The police held the train and arrested five men at the next station; all were charged with assault, gang assault and criminal possession of a weapon, while one was also charged with manslaughter. It turns out that besides being stabbed seven times, Collado was also hit in the chest with a "baseball-sized rock." He died at Brookdale University Hospital.

The police told the victim's sister that Gerlin had "danced with the wrong girl" at a party in Brownsville. Police also told her the gang first approached Henry, but Gerlin tried to intervene. Henry Collado was released from the hospital.

Police are still looking for the murder weapon. A bloody knife was found on a J train at Chambers Street.