A 62-year-old man was killed in his Manhattan apartment on Monday, and police are investigating whether his murder was related to a drug deal.

The NYPD says its officers, who were responding to a 911 about a shooting, arrived at 110 Bedford Street just before 5 p.m. They found Jonathan Berlin with a gunshot wound to the torso in his fifth floor apartment. EMS took him to Lenox Hill Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Berlin's wife was reportedly in the apartment at the time, but was not injured. Police say that drug paraphernalia, including marijuana and scales, were found in the home.

A neighbor told the Daily News, "There were two shots and the guy ran downstairs with the garbage bag. His wife was screaming, 'Oh no! Oh no!'"

The police investigation is ongoing. Another neighbor said, "It’s a little scary, this neighborhood is so safe so we’ve never really thought anything could happen." According to the 6th Precinct's crime stats through December 23, there were no murders there.