A man in Brownsville was killed on July 4 when he was mistakenly accused of hollering at the girlfriend of another man, who then pulled out a gun and opened fire. Nakie Hector, 30, was walking with his brother Terrence just after 10 p.m. when he was accused of making a pass at the young woman who was walking with her boyfriend. Terrence says that his brother was merely talking loudly into his cell phone. After the brothers tried to squash the beef, they walked away from the spot on Rockaway Boulevard, only to have the boyfriend shoot Nakie Hector three times, one bullet hitting him directly in the heart and killing him. A neighbor said, "I heard fireworks. Then I heard something else that wasn't [fireworks]. It was much louder." Police are still searching for a suspect—Hector's family members claim the gunman was a complete stranger to the victim. On his Facebook page, Hector's friends expressed condolences, one saying, "Sorry, that you had to fall victim to this senseless violence. You will be [missed] my dude." Hector leaves behind a young son.