A 69-year-old was shot and killed during a Brooklyn home invasion this morning. Police are currently looking for three suspects.

According to the NYPD, three suspects approached a 71-year-old woman who was outside of her house at 379 Rugby Road. They forced her inside, demanded money, tied her up and, police say, went upstairs, only to be confronted by the woman's brother. The suspects apparently shot the man in the head and then fled on foot.

The victim was taken to Kings County Hospital where he died.

According to Ditmas Park Corner, "The police told us that three men were involved in the home invasion. They are still looking for all three. One man was wearing a white sweatshirt with a green stripe, the second suspect was wearing a black hoodie, and they didn’t have identifying information about the third man. The first two individuals fled southbound, while the third fled northbound, according to police."