A Maryland man was fatally shot by NYPD officers early Sunday morning during a traffic stop in Ozone Park, Queens.

According to police, two plainclothes officers stopped beside a double-parked car on 135th Street, where they found a man holding an open bottle of alcohol. Officers approached the suspect, who family members identified to ABC News as George Tillman, a 32-year-old father of five and licensed electrician from Maryland. Tillman was allegedly carrying a firearm in his waistband, and fled the NYPD as they approached.

Witnesses told the Daily News that Tillman and another passenger had been searching for a parking spot when they were stopped.

As Tillman reached the corner of 135th Street and 116th Avenue he neared a second unmarked police car carrying three officers. According to police, Tillman reached for his gun and four officers opened fire, shooting him multiple times in the chest. EMS rushed Tillman to Jamaica Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

"They pulled him over. He ran and they shot him," nearby resident Lashauna Brown told the News. "Another guy ran and they caught him." Police did not confirm whether or not Tillman fired his weapon, or how many times he was shot by officers' rounds.

A relative told ABC that Tillman had been in New York City for a family birthday, and had been getting into a car with his wife and cousin when the officers arrived.

“The cops shot an innocent person, a loving father, husband and a very good family man,” Tillman's aunt, Helen Leak, told CBS. “We lost a good person. That’s all we can say.” Police confirmed that several officers were transported to Long Island Jewish Medical Center for treatment and evaluation after the shooting, despite sustaining no injuries.

A .40 caliber Hi-Point handgun was recovered at the scene. Police add the investigation is ongoing.