A fight between a pair of friends turned deadly when Richie Molina pushed Eddie Guzman in front of a 7 train at the 52nd Street and Roosevelt Avenue stop in Woodside, Queens yesterday morning. Guzman, 21 years old, had been drinking with his friend earlier, and just before 5AM he and 19 year old Molina had were fighting under the train tracks after the pair . While it's unclear what caused the argument, Guzman's fall into the subway tracks was so sudden that the conductor wasn't able to pull the emergency brake in time. A transit worker on the scene said, ""The guy was torn in half. It was pretty gruesome." Even more gruesome: Guzman's body parts fell from the tracks to the street below. Subway service on the northbound line was temporarily suspended for a few hours.

Police arrested Molina, who had fled the scene. Guzman's family is stunned at the news, since Guzman and Molina had been friends for years. A relative told the Post that Guzman's father, who managed the bakery where his son worked and where Molina briefly worked, is hoping that the police "have the wrong guy."

Photograph from Newsday