An argument over a brother moving into a Brooklyn apartment led to a stabbing then a fatal fall from a window yesterday. What's odd is that the super, Andres Bautista, and two brothers, Sebastian and Luis Catalan, had been partying together beforehand. Bautista had wanted Luis, who was living with older brother Sebastian and some other people (the Daily News says it was a young nephew and his parents while the Post says it was Sebastian's girlfriend and son - and Newsday reports it was Luis' sister-in-law and nephew) in a three-room apartment, to pay rent. But the brothers seemed to object, since one of them stabbed Bautista in the stomach. Then, when the police arrived, Sebastian Catalan jumped from a window in their third-floor apartment, hit a barbed wire fence, and then landed on the concrete backyard surface. Neighbor LaShawn Richardson had heard the commotion escalate and suspects that Catalan was trying to land on a nearby tree. Luis Catlan was charged with assault.

Bautista, who is recovering at a hospital, says that he had wanted the younger Catalan to pay rent, but Sebastian would say Luis wasn't staying for long, and this went on for a month. Newsday also suggests that a hole in Catalan's bathtub might have made Bautista angry. Tenants have differing opinions of Bautista - some call him "respectful" and a good super, while Richardson told the Daily News, "He picks on people."