2008_12_hivtest.jpgMore details on the HIV-positive man who faked his HIV test to convince his girlfriend to have unprotected sex with him. The Daily News reports that Duane Lang, 48, "typed up an official-looking HIV test report from the AIDS Center of Queens," where he volunteered. The girlfriend, who had unprotected sex with him numerous times (she first wanted proof he didn't have HIV), later confronted Lang about the report; a source told the Post, "She caught him in a series of lies that made her question whether he had told the truth about the HIV test." Lang now faces charges of reckless endangerment, which could mean up to 7 years in prison. Department of Investigations head Rose Gill Hearn said, "With deceit and depravity, the defendant repeatedly endangered the life of a person he supposedly cared for. Rarely have we seen a forged document used in a way that is so directly and personally destructive to another human being."