A man drowned in a boating accident in Gravesend Bay yesterday afternoon. Officials believe that 73-year-old Florijan Kasumovic's leg got stuck in the railing of his recreational fishing boat around 1 p.m., and he died after being dragged underwater, the Daily News reports. The NYPD harbor unit towed the 21-foot-boat to a Sanitation pier in Gravesend to investigate. Kasumovic was boating alone.

A Brooklyn man renting a jet-ski nearby tells the Post, "I've been boating for 20 years, and I still prefer to have someone with me to watch my back. Ropes could snag, vests could fail. There are too many unknowns." In May, a Connecticut man and "avid boater" was found dead on the shore, while his boat floated all the way to a Riverhead, Long Island dock without him.