Nice going, commenters. We were all having fun with Sean McGinn's $5 million lawsuit against, but as usual you had to go and push things too far, and now he's dropping the suit. Because of you. You'll recall that in June McGinn had sued—despite actually finding romance through the dating site—for "creating the appearance that inactive members are active" and causing him "profound personal anguish." But according to a recent court filing, the "sensationalized media coverage subjected [McGinn] to hundreds of reader comments" on the Internets and "caused no end of personal distress for Sean and incited a firestorm of rancorous Web commentary that Sean found literally unbearable." According to his lawyer, some cruel wags even "mocked" the 37-year-old TV producer as "lovelorn." Others, like Gothamist commenter Rocknrope, noted that McGinn "actually does look like a human incarnation of Comic Book Guy with short hair and glasses." It's hurtful words like that that drove McGinn to give up on his $5 million dream. Happy? We all owe Sean an apology in the comments.