An unidentified man fell to his death yesterday while trying to switch cars on the subway. The victim was on a Bronx-bound 6 train near 96th street just before 4 a.m. Saturday morning when he was crushed to death on the tracks.

The man, described as between 30 and 40, didn't have any identification on him, and was trying to cross cars on the train when he lost balance and fell through. Witnesses told police his body was dragged underneath the train before the subway conductor realized what had happened; the train's emergency break, which is supposed to be triggered if anything is on the track, didn't go off.

Back in March, Arabell Lin, 25, was hit by 11 trains after falling onto the tracks while trying to switch cars. According to the Post, transit union officials say there has been an unusually high number of people jumping or falling on the city's subway tracks this year.