A man jumped in front of a G train in Brooklyn during Tuesday's rush hour commuter—and he miraculously survived, crawling out from under the first car of the train.

According to police, the incident happened at the 15th Street/Prospect Park station in Windsor Terrace around 6:15 p.m. yesterday. The Daily News says the man, who they identify as 22-year-old Derrick Williams, leapt in front of a train as it pulled into the station.

Witness Calin Chitic told them Williams had been wobbling on a crutch before he jumped. Afterwards, he emerged unharmed from under the car. She said he proclaimed, "I've been raped. I can’t believe I’m still alive. I should be dead," before climbing out of the tracks. "The train rolled over him. He was underneath the front car. He crawled out from underneath and he was shouting and screaming."

Chitic added that people tried to help Williams after he got off the tracks, but he brushed them off and left the station crying and screaming. Officers caught up to him a few blocks away on 13th Street and Prospect Park West. He was taken to Methodist Hospital in stable condition for observation.

"People were saying, 'He jumped in front of the train,'" another witness who saw Williams aboveground told the News. "Don't you die when you do that?"

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