A jury just returned a guilty verdict for the man accused of raping his ex-girlfriend and framing her for armed robbery, which caused her to lose her business and be jailed for months. The Post reports, "It took a Queens jury only a day and a half to decide that Jerry Ramrattan, 39, was guilty of binding and gagging his ex with duct tape before sexually assaulting her in her Far Rockaway home."

Ramrattan's ex-girlfriend, Seemona Sumasar, testified about the harrowing attack to the jury last week, "I was crying—I said to him: 'Think about what you are doing. Really think about it.' He unbuckled his belt and started to take his clothes off. I said I don’t understand why he’s doing this." After he raped her, she said he told her, "I’m so sorry, I never meant for this to happen." But when she pressed rape charges against him, Ramrattan apparently had his friends claim that Sumasar robbed them at gunpoint. Sumasar was jailed, “I didn’t see my daughter, I lost my business, my home went into foreclosure, my mother got sick. I didn’t know what I was charged with until the arraignment."

The men who accused Sumasar of armed robbery were convicted of perjury. Ramrattan, who claimed he was a cop, faces years behind bars.