Elmhurst resident Jack Rhodes, who was convicted of beating up and robbing three women (including a 101-year-old using a walker) was sentenced to 75 years in prison yesterday. Queens Supreme Court Justice Gregory Lasak said, "That comes out to about a year for every dollar you took from those people"—Rhodes managed to steal just $78 from the three muggings—"Your actions ...were reprehensible. It shocks the senses. I've never seen anything like it."

The attacks occurred in 2006 and 2007, and when video footage of Rhodes punching Rose Morat (pictured), then 101, New Yorkers were outraged—a man who called the NYPD tips line suggested that cops "make sure every [person] in prison knows what he did." A victim's impact statement from Morat, now 103, was read by prosecutors:

Leaving my apartment (Rhodes) attacked, injured my face with a severe blow that broke my cheekbone. He continued hitting me several more times and left me in a pool of blood and (I) had to be taken to the hospital. Atrocities done frequently by the man Jack Rhodes must be stopped ... so that this will never happen again to other good people and life once again can be enjoyed without fear.

Lasak also told Rhodes, "You're not a man because a man doesn't act like that. A man doesn't throw a left hook and a right hook into the face of a 101-year-old woman... You're going to get old and lonely up [in prison]. You're going to become an old man. I wonder if the young inmates will show you the same respect that you showed Rose Morat, [other victims] Solange Elizee and Angela Khan."