2006_08_boney.jpgFamily and neighbors were shocked to hear that 69 year old Gloria Boney had been strangled in her Crown Heights apartment. Boney's daughters had bee worried when she did not answer phones all Saturday and then did not answer her door late Saturday night, so they called 911 for help. Boney, a Trinidadian immigrant who had worked as a nanny, seem to have been both strangled and stabbed by someone she knew as there were no signs a break-in. And yesterday, a man who had married Boney's sister so the sister could get a green card confessed to killing Boney. The Daily News reports that 50 year old Anderson Scrubb was upset that he was only paid half of a promised $5,000 payout, so he killed Boney when she "refused to pay up and threatened to tell the authorities." Scrubb, who is on parole, had confessed while being questioned by police; the marriage to Boney's sister had been annulled.