The gator spotted in Astoria recently, which actually turned out being an 18-inch long caiman, has been enjoying retirement in the Poconos—but he left some friends behind, it seems. A 2-foot long baby alligator was spotted on the streets of Brooklyn over the weekend, reports the Daily News, and was brought in to the 88th Precinct in Clinton Hill.

The man who found the gator says he's a good Samaritan, but authorities aren't buying his story. He said he happened upon the gator in a Brooklyn park—but police believe this was his own, illegal pet, that got too big for him to handle.

Mike Pastore of the Animal Care & Control of New York City says the gator is nothing to be messed with, and that "he has teeth wrapped around his whole head. He can definitely do some damage to someone." As much as we'd like to believe in the legend of sewer gators, we're going to have to agree with The Man on this one... unless there are a community of gators living in the Gowanus Canal prepping for their takeover of the human race.